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Sometimes we need to take a big step back to move forwards...

Feels like a lifetime ago, when I was running Super Mum Society. So much has changed for all of us over the last two years. I can't be the only one who feels like a completely different person. How are you feeling about the changes the last two years have brought about? Any big lessons learnt or life-altering decisions?

In early lockdown, I sent out an email to touch base and mentioned I would be rebranding. It was something I had been thinking about for a while and the time seemed right. However, the universe had other ideas. It turned out I needed to do a lot of deep work and take a few (massive) steps backwards before moving forward with my next steps as a coach. I love what I do, but something wasn't sitting right with my work or personal situation. It's been a common conversation I have had with clients, family and friends over the last two years.

"We must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it - but we must sail, and not drift, nor lie at anchor."

With so much on hold, we actually got that pause, that headspace, that room for the possibility that a lot of us in this usually busy world needed. Most of us stayed busy, it's hard not to be when you have kids, but we were back to basics busy. Focusing in on our homes, health, family, close friends, etc. Good or bad it has been a massive time for change and we, as a family, have massively embraced it. Physically we have left London and now live in Berkshire. Embracing our vital need for more nature in our day to day lives. Professionally, I have actively done a lot of deep work so I could find a new happy place with how I coach and what I bring to your life. I thought the big change would be the rebrand, but in the search for a new name, logo, colours, etc, I did so much work into what and how I wanted to be coaching and mentoring. Amazing things have come out of this for me and the clients I have been working with so far have loved the new approach.

My core pillars are still the same. Health, happiness, structure, organisation, time management, decluttering, etc... all the things that made the content in Super Mum Society so great and useful. But now I have added in a lot of connections to nature. Both our personal nature and that which grows from the earth. A big part of that for me was ditching a lot of the content I was making for social media. No more YouTube for sure. Twitter has gone too. I currently don't run a podcast, but I'm on the fence about this and I am considering a "minicast", a podcast done in mini-series format instead of consistently. What would you think about that format?

I like the idea of featuring a few people's inspiring health and happiness journeys. Is that something you would like to hear? It would be great to get some feedback by DMing me on Instagram.

Speaking of which that is something I'm keeping, but I have a shining new one to match my new branding which is @thelifestylecoachuk . I've kept up a Facebook page (no group), but I'll be honest, it's more of shop front than anything else. Facebook isn't an app I have much love for beyond the odd epic find in Marketplace. But the new social media love of my life is Clubhouse. If you haven't found it yet the simple explanation is that it's an audio-only app full of talks on different topics. A bit like podcasts but live and you can join on stage to ask questions. I have a club on there called A Happy Lifestyle and run regular rooms during the week. Last but by no means least I created a whole new website and yes it was a MASSIVE labour of love because I did it all by myself.

I used to run Super Mum Society for all the self-development side of things and had a whole other brand for the health and fitness side, but the longer I spend as a coach the more the two crossed over and the sillier it felt keeping them split up. Now both sides live in the same happy home together. It is a home full of love, peace, plants, organisation and purpose. And its doors are fully open to welcome you in. I do hope that it is a place you like the look of and hope to stay.

I don't think the world will ever be the same, I certainly won't be. I am sure that now more than ever is a time to be protecting our physical and mental health, so it is my honour to be a part of your healthy lifestyle journey.


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