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£36 for 3 whole months in the amazing online membership,

A Happy Lifestyle Club. This includes a huge range of items including courses, live events with myself, community support, audio library, worksheets, eBooks and downloadables.

I offer online coaching and occasionally in person coaching. All sessions are tailored to your goals and way of living.

Sessions start from £45 an hour. Simply email me to discuss your requirements by clicking here.

I have a number of courses which can either be purchased as stand-alone courses or most of them are included in the price of the private online membership. Current ones include:

Declutter & Organise

Life Goal Affirmations


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One to One Sessions

I offer two types of one to one sessions. Pen to paper sessions - Together we will identify the key problem areas that are impacting your life the most and start making changes to build a foundation from which you can achieve the success and lifestyle you desire. I work mainly online, but if you happen to be in Berkshire, UK, then some home visits may be available, especially if clutter is one of your big issues. WARNING risks of working with me include but are not limited to, improved confidence, pushing yourself beyond your old comfort zone, launching dream businesses you didn’t know you wanted to start previously, having more time to relax, I could go on but you get the point!

To discuss either of the options further simply pop me an email by clicking here.

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Private Membership

Would you like to be part of a supportive community of people also trying to live a happy lifestyle? Then you need to join A Happy Lifestyle Club!

A Happy Lifestyle Club is a safe home for anyone working on or looking to work on their self-development journey seeking a happier life. We work on a number of areas to help you build a strong foundational lifestyle for the life you want, where happiness, in all its shapes and sizes, is the priority.

The private membership includes:​

Community Chat & support groups. selection of helpful audio playlists, including replays from workshops and live coaching. downloadable worksheets & guides, courses - including my in depth Declutter & Organise course, worth £45, free tickets to any live workshops hosted by The Lifestyle Coach UK.

various challenges to inspire and motivate, Let’s Get Organised project sheets, Guided Weekly Review, book club and more. Click here to find out more.

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I have a number of courses which can either be purchased as stand-alone courses or most of them are included in the price of the private online membership.


Current ones include: 

Declutter & Organise


Life Goal Affirmations


Click here to se the options

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Speaking, Workshops, Bootcamps & More


Planning your own event? I am available as a speaker or to run workshops, bootcamps, etc. These can be pen and paper style up to a “full lets do this sweaty thing right now” situation. I’ve been an expert coach for a huge range from multi-day events for big brands such as Marks and Spencers, to fitness rounds at national beauty pageants and team building sessions for work and friendship groups. I offer these both on and offline. Prices vary depending on your requirements, so it’s best to shoot me over by email as much detail as possible and then I can get a call set up with you to discuss the best options.


Click here to email me the details of your event.