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A Happy Lifestyle Club is a safe home for anyone working on or looking to work on their self-development journey seeking a happier life. We work on a number of areas to help you build a strong foundational lifestyle for the life you want, where happiness, in all its shapes and sizes, is the priority.

Click here to join.

Full membership costs just £12 a month, with no contract and includes a whole host of goodies to help you live a happy life designed by you.

The private membership includes:

Full access to a selection of courses, including my Declutter & Organise course.

Full access to the downloadables library of worksheets, guides, ebooks and audios.

Bi-Monthly Book Club.

Let’s Get Organised monthly projects.

Community chat and support groups.

Goal setting, time management and happiness coaching.

Free tickets to any live workshops hosted by The Lifestyle Coach UK.


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Want to here what some of my current members said?

“Energised and empowered are the words that accurately describe my membership experience to date.  Jessica is a breath of fresh air and frankly, I have not met anyone as authentic and selfless.  Jessica draws from her own experiences and training to  create such an awesome platform of information. Jessica not only presents valuable content and provides endless takeaways, but you leave each session ready to make a positive impact in this world. Her personality is a magnet for attracting like minded and awesome individuals. It is indeed a life changing club and I am so thankful to be a member.” - D

“The rooms on Clubhouse are now part of my daily routine, and these are brilliantly enhanced by the extras available through the membership. You can do decluttering and organisation programmes at your own pace, via an app or online, with help and motivation provided the whole way through. I've learned so much about my own habits through this club, and how I can adapt the ideas gained to suit my life and how I work. Highly recommend becoming a member!” - C

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"The membership has been amazing so far. It's easy to use and very adaptable depending on what you want to work on at each moment in time. Jess shares loads of amazing tips on organisation, planning and more and the easy navigation and communication all through the membership means if you have any questions or issues they can be resolved quickly and easily through the community or Jess directly. The membership working alongside the clubhouse rooms means that you can make small changes in your day to day life to be able to make a large change on the flow of your overall life happiness. Overall its an amazing community and membership and I can't wait to use it more going forward. ” - M

“Jess from the Lifestyle Coach has changed my life. It is ok to view life differently and prioritise yourself.  Whilst I have been part of the membership I have used the support available to help me order my life, including my house, my diary and my own priorities. My to do list is shorter and I know that I am still getting things done.  I love the regular clubhouse rooms which are recorded and I can listen back to them-my favourite is the Lets Get Organised room!! Oh, I’ve made some lovely friends from the community too!!” - R

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We go way beyond what you would usually consider! We discuss all the aspects needed for a happy lifestyle from sleep to time management, movement to decluttering, goal setting to nutrition. You can’t live a successful life without a strong foundation.


Professionals are quick to tell you it’s a lifestyle, not a quick fix but what does that really mean and how does it fit into your days in the real world. 


No judgement and no patronising, just a safe space full of people passionate about living a happier lifestyle from many angles.

Not ready to comit? I host A Happy Lifestyle Club on Clubhouse, it's free to join and currently has over 14.5K members from across the world.

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The membership includes a secltion of courses to help you along your journey. These are a mixture of short courses you can do in an hour or so and others that are designed to be worked on over a few months.


Groups is the area within the membership where you can join challenges, connect with people on similar goals, join in with the book club and more.

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The membership includes a wide selection of downloadables. Worksheets, cheat sheets, eBooks and more. Some are supporting material for the courses and some are stand alone items. 

Community Chat

Community is so important when we are trying to build a happy life. They provide support, inspiration and motivation on what can sometimes be a rough ride. The whole community is here for you, so come and connect in the Community Chat.

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