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Lifestyle Coach UK 

Together we can shape the life you really want where health and success are the priority. 


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Time is our most valuable asset so I won't waste yours...

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Like many people my life used to be a complete disaster. In short (long version on my about me page) I turned it all around over many years and with many mistakes and now help people turn their’s around in much less time and with much fewer mistakes. Being healthy is so much more than food and fitness, in fact being healthy is so much more than how you physically look and feel. Living a healthy life includes the spaces we live in, the way we spend our time, our attitudes, our passion, our energy. To risk sounding super cheesy, if we want happiness and success we must first build a foundation of health and that is exactly what I do with my clients.


People are still shocked when they come to me about their health and they end up decluttering their home, start sleeping more and learn to manage their time. I work on a system of benefits and basics. With me you will learn the benefits of something that will help you and then the basics of how it is best to use it in your life. People have a habit of going all in on one area and then everything falls apart because they don’t have the basics there for any of the other essential building blocks. Maybe I should have called myself the Basics Coach UK, but that doesn’t sound quite right. All these little areas add up and lead to massive changes within our lives. I guess the question is are you ready to ditch the common way and live? 

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The best way to get to know me more is Clubhouse, where I host regular rooms under my club A Healthy Lifestyle. Click  here to check it out. But if your more into reading then listening just hit the green button to the right for that long winded about page most people don't read much of.

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I offer a selective list of ways to work with me. Please note that I am usually running a waitlist for most of my services, so I recommend expressing your interest sooner rather then later. It's doesn't commit you to anything, but means you will know when a new slot is available. 

One to One

I offer online coaching, a.k.a. pen to paper sessions or personal training. I run my PT coaching slightly differently to standard, so check below for more information. All sessions are tailored to your goals and way of living. New clients always start with a discovery call.


The 180 Degrees program takes you into all the essential areas to achieve a healthy lifestyle in a supportive and nurturing way. With each 10 degree, weekly adjustment we will find a way that makes it work for you, creating a long lasting lifestyle change. Run at limited times during the year.


Retreats vary from 2 days upwards. They provide the perfect way to submerge yourself into the changes you want to make, while surrounded by those on the same journey and getting that break away from old habits you are looking to change.  Get unstuck and embrace some amazing changes.

Special Events

I am available as a guest speaker, workshop host or to run bootcamps. Please reach out with your specific requirements, including location and dates, with as much notice as possible. I am sometimes available to do this for charity, as contribution is one of my core values.

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It doesn't say "dangerous passionate" at the top of this page for nothing. I do genuinely love, with all my heart, helping people bring that feeling of health back into their lives. I practise what I preach and live by example. I stay up to date on my area of expertise and am fully committed to having open and honest relationships with the clients I help. I'm not perfect, nor do I have the energy or inclination to pretend otherwise, and I think that authenticity is very important on the delicate subject of health. I want you to feel comfortable getting metaphorically naked with me, so we can create longer term changes with sustainable results. 

As someone who has experienced the power of a 180 degree turn in my own health journey I can fully testify to its powerful impact on all areas of your life. It's important that we invest in our health if we wish to receive the dividends in both the short and long term. The return on investment is incomparable to anything else I have ever known. Too many people try to conquer their health journey alone. They make false starts, act on inaccurate information and, at best, their journey is much longer and/or uncomfortable than it needed to be. At worse they give up.


Investing in a lifestyle coach to be your guide is an excellent way to avoid these pitfalls, but for me to be your guide is an honour and a privilege.  Whether we work 1 to 1, meet on the 180 degree program, you attend a retreat or you just join my free club - A Healthy Lifestyle - on Clubhouse, I can't wait to help you create a foundation of health suitable for your lifestyle.

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