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What It's Really Like To Work With Me

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what is is like to hire a professional organiser

Working with a coach isn't an everyday experience that most people go through and the whole idea can seem a little intimidating to start with. I'm the first to admit that I do not like new things or the unknown. When I have to do something for the first I am full of questions and it can drive the recipient of the questions a little nuts. However, some people will stop before even asking the questions and then not do the thing at all. This is a real shame, especially when it's something as life-changing as coaching or mentoring.

So for all of you out there that also don't like the unknown, I present...


Every client's journey is going to be slightly different, but we are also very similar too. You might have more time to work on things between sessions or need to spend a little more in the planning stages, but the structure follows a similar pattern.

To start with we will look at what your expectations are for working with me. This is sometimes done in a "discovery call", but I've also done this via email or even voice notes in WhatsApp. I like to make sure what you think I can do and what I can actually do align, so I'm not wasting your time or money. During our first session (in-person or online) we will map out the areas you want to work on, your ideal vision, high priorities, and biggest struggles plus take a look at the spaces we dealing with, so if we are online you will need to be able to walk your camera round your home (this is where a phone is easier then a laptop). Depending on how much time you can spend in one go, this might be split over two sessions as we dig into how you use each space and plan out the steps moving forward. You will get a typed-up action plan after this, so you can move forward with or without me. I like to set this up in Trello ideally and give us both access, then we can both update and message each other directly in the action plan, but I can also do it as a word document (it's just less fun).

Sadly (for you) I can't just do it all for you. There will be decisions to make along the way and if we are online then the physical side is all you.

For online clients I become a sounding board, accountability, as well providing the structure for the decluttering stages. Once we move into the organising I also provide and research different systems and products that will work for your space. I make up floor plans and room designs as required. Anything virtual I can set up for you from my end, such as calendars, goal-setting breakdowns and long-term to-do lists.

If we are working in person we can do all this too, plus I can do some of the heavy lifting. Obviously the more I do solo the longer it will take and the more it will cost, but it does mean that we can move things forward even when you have to be elsewhere or doing something else at home. I often break up things into categories without a client before they join me for the decluttering stage, as it can reduce the overwhelm of the whole experience. I can manage small build projects such as fitted storage or assembling flat-pack and I can bring in my "better" half to manage bigger build projects and renovations too. After all, it's not what you know it's who you know, right?

Whether we are using Trello together or a word document, I will keep this updated every few sessions so you can do as much or as little as you want between seeing me and still know you are on track.

How far you want to go with me is up to you. From setting up a to-do lists system to a full house declutter, organise and system set up project. It's very hard to say how long a project will take, so I usually work on a weekly basis. I ask that sessions are confirmed for the next week by the end (5 pm) of Friday and paid for by the end of Sunday. The first session is simply paid at the time of booking. I don't refund if cancelled, but I can carry hours paid for over to a different time with 48 hours' notice.

I do offer ongoing support with weekly, monthly or bi-monthly sessions and for these, I ask for 2 months' notice of cancellation.

I cover both home and work organisation having built a number of my own businesses over the years. I also love to help set up the systems to maintain the space we have created for you.

I always try to use what you have first and save money on any products or furniture we might need. I recently wrote a blog about the ways in which I try to be more eco-friendly with my work and you might find this a useful read too as it goes into options for selling unwanted items and transportation of donations etc. CLICK HERE to find that blog. I'll link it at the bottom too.

It's really helpful if we can get into some of the nitty-gritty of life, past, present and future to understand your habits and behaviours. I'm not a therapist, I'm a coach and mentor, but I'm a big fan of therapy and highly recommend it. From past traumas to shopping addictions and unresolved grief there is a lot that can come out in a declutter. I know my limitations as a professional and will also steer clients to appropriate support if needed. I do act as a great sounding board though, so feel free to bend my ear as much as you like. Getting out what's on our minds is just as important as getting out what's in the understairs cupboard.

Hopefully, this has answered more questions than it has caused but if you do want to know anything else or would like to book in for a session just shout (via email).

Not ready for one-to-one coaching yet? You should try my online membership A Happy Lifestyle Club. It's full of courses, workshops, printables and guides, plus an amazing community support group to help you declutter, get organised and feel happier. Click here to sign up for just £12 a month with no contract.


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