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What do you do for your self-development?

It wasn't that long ago that "self-development" was pretty much just the punch line in way too many jokes in the Bridget Jones movies. But over the years it too has developed and evolved. Much of it is now sadly tainted by social media gurus and influencers. It's presented in an all or nothing way, by people that, let's be honest, don't live in the real world like us. Yet there is so much good that can be learnt from engaging in self-development. We just need realistic approaches, grace when things don't go perfectly to plan and most importantly a community around us for support. Loneliness is a massive issue and it can become incredibly isolating when we are on the journey to a happier life.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but in a way aren't we all still children and don't we all still need that village. This was one of my biggest drives when I started building A Happy Lifestyle Club private membership. In all the years of one to one coaching, the consistent theme was that those I was working with wanted a supportive community around them, they needed a village. Do you wish you had a village to support and encourage you?

A Happy Lifestyle Club is a safe home for anyone working on or looking to work on their self-development journey seeking a happier life. We work on a variety of areas to help you build a strong foundational lifestyle for the life you want, where happiness, in all its shapes and sizes, is the priority.

Organisation, Decluttering, Health - Mental & Physical, Time Management, Rest & Relaxation, Goal work, Support, Motivation, Challenges and more.

I'm offering a special launch rate of £27 for 3-months, so you can see for yourself everything the membership community has to offer. The offer ends at 9 pm on the 20th March 2022 and you can sign up over on the website. Simply create an account and then grab your 3-month membership at

If you have any questions please do hit reply and pop me a message. There's also a lot of additional info at

However you choose to go on your self-development I hope I am able to support you in whatever way you need.

Warmest wishes for a happy day.

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A village is so important in my life. Related and non- related individuals allow my village to thrive. So thankful for my “ Happy Lifestyle“ village.

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