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Unsubscribe, don't just delete, please.

Hey Family,

Happy April and welcome to the spring cleaning season. We've been talking a lot about the not so usual ways to spring clean over in the membership. From the apps on our phones to our photo albums and even our habits. I find spring cleaning helps to recenter me and helps reignite my energy to work on my goals. I'm also a lot more productive when the sun starts to come out. April is a fairly chocker month for me with Easter, Easter holidays for small, and birthdays, but I love a spring clean so I'm just doing little projects or ones that can be done from the sofa in the evening, like sorting out my photos. I've decided photos are my "Monica Cupboard". Do you remember in Friends when Chandler finally gets the mystery cupboard open and its chaos? That's my photo, well that was my photos. They are much closer to being sorted but so far I have deleted over 16,000 photos, videos and files from my external hard drive. OUCH!

If your April is looking like mine, here are some simple spring cleaning wins for you.

Open all the windows in your home for 15 minutes.

Spin/flip your mattress.

Wash out your rubbish bins.

Wash your throws, blankets and cushion covers.

Delete unused apps from your phone.

Freshen your drains. Bicarb and vinegar are the best!

Hang your duvet and pillows outside on a sunny day.

You'll also spot the title of this blog says "Unsubscribe, don't just delete, please". I recently read an email from Sustainableish where she shared the Carbon Footprint of unopened emails and other issues relating to email lists. If my emails are not for you please hit unsubscribe and do a little good for the planet in the process. I have an Instagram account, Facebook page and (from May 2nd) a Facebook group if these are better ways to stay connected for you.

Ready to take bigger steps forwards in your happiness journey Click here to sign up for your full membership or find out more about A Happy Lifestyle Club.

We have over 10,000 members in the Clubhouse community and we have had some awesome Morning Motivation rooms over the last month. You can join these for free Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) from 8:45 am to 9:15 am. Find the club by clicking here.

Any questions? As always you can always email me at

Best Wishes


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