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Twelve-Hour Happiness Party

On the 18th of March 2022, to celebrate the launch of the private membership, I hosted a 12-hour lunch party over on Clubhouse. It takes a village to do, well anything, so it was amazing to have such an incredible support team of friends and professionals to be part of the event.

We started off at 8 am with Kick-Off With Coffee, is this mic on? We had a lovely social chat about how happy we were feeling currently and what we had planned for the day.

At 8:45 am we jumped into Morning Motivation, which is a regular room I host on CLubhouse. It’s usually Monday to Friday at 8:45 am and we spend half an hour planning our days. I start with a thought for the day, rolling into everyone sharing their top 3 tick-off-able priorities for the day. We always wrap up this room with a quote for the day. This room is usually just 30 minutes but as it was a special day it ran for an hour.

9:45 am was Power Hour - Get Stuff Done. We did 15-minute blocks of tunes from our Happiness Party Playlist. It quickly became known as Party Tunes & Productivity.

From 11 am we were joined by Walter Colitti of The Happy Founder, who spoke to us about - How Managing Your Time Impacts Your Happiness. Walter gave us an amazing insight into his story and how his life happiness benefits from time tracking.

At 12 pm everyone joined me in the kitchen while I cooked up one of my favourite vegan dinners and they shared their favourite meals and food that makes you happy.

1 pm was hosted by Lauren Roberts of Aligned & Purposeful and she spoke on The Benefits of Taking a Cyclical Approach. Lauren opened our eyes to a new way of thinking about how we manage our lives around our cycles and the cycles of the moon. Turns out we picked the right day to launch the membership based on the phase of the moon.

Next up at 2 pm was Finding time for the life of your dreams, with Abigail Barnes of Success By Design Training. Abigail shared her powerful life-affirming story and how it altered how she saw time and how she spent it.

3 pm was a Let’s Get Organised special - I shared my 8 things people forget to declutter and you can find the list over in my Instagram feed or in the video section on my Instagram.

Helen Tyler hosted 4 pm’s Cuppa & Catch-Up. It was so lovely to have a social hour to laugh together. Community is so important to be happy in life.

5 pm saw me in the hot seat when I was interviewed by Felicia Vundla of Beta2Alpha Ladies. The session entitled, Meet the Founder, was a dig deep into why I started the membership and how I see it all moving forward over the next few months.

5:45 pm was a regular room, the Guided Weekly Review. This hour of reflection and planning is run each week within the membership. I love how much of a positive impact it has on everyone who joins productivity and wellbeing for the coming week.

7 pm was celebration and party time. Win of the Week WIne Down, come raise a glass if you are wrong in all the right ways! We all shared our wins of the week and picked a song from the playlist to have a little boogie too.

We wrapped up at 8 pm, exhausted but exhilarated. It was the perfect way to kick off the membership and it was so lovely to have so many of you there. The replays are still available on Clubhouse and are in 2 parts.

For more details on the membership and what’s included visit

8 Things We Forget To Declutter

1. Apps we don't use.

They sit on our phones taking up space and distracting us from what we actually want to on our phones, even when we don’t open them.

2. Notes/flyers from your pinboard or junk drawer.

Out of date or never looked at items, can also include tickets and invites.

3. Things we haven't sold but listed a long time ago.

We list them to sell and then we forget about them. Pop a label on the item with the selling deadline and/or put a reminder on your calendar.

4. User guides and manuals.

Let’s be honest we can find these on Google.

5. First Aid kit/medicines.

Check for out of date and never going to use up. Remember to dispose of medicines safely, in the UK you can take them back to the pharmacy.

6. Back stock of products we no longer use.

I mean why? WHY? If you don’t use the product get rid of the back stock.

7. Product accessories we don't use.

This could be for a product that we don’t have anymore, or it could be that the item has additional accessories you don’t and won’t use.

8. Socks, Pants and Tights.

Mismatched, misshaped, full of holes or just not needed.

Time to get rid!


Happiness was definitely spread throughout the day. A truly awesome club! Thank you😇Jessica.


Helen Austin
Helen Austin
Mar 28, 2022

Wahoooooooo you were amazing - such a great launch day ❤️❤️

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