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Five 5-Minute Daily Habits That Can Change Your Life

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

When our lives are so revolved around looking after "all the things", it’s easy to forget about ourselves. It means we are not at our best and have the energy and healthy life we deserve. In fact, we head to bed wishing we had achieved more in our day. However, there are some things you can do which can turn your life around. In fact, these 5-minute habits can mean a healthier and happier you in a short amount of time. Therefore, here are 5 5 minute daily habits that can change your life.

A glass of water before each meal

I’m certainly guilty of not drinking enough water in my life. When I’m busy looking after my small human, the hours fly by without me drinking. But it’s so important that we do ensure we are drinking water during the day. After all, it keeps us happy and healthy and can do wonders for our skin, heart health and blood just to name a few benefits. One way you can ensure you get your daily water allowance is to consume water before you tuck into a meal. That way, you won’t forget to drink before tucking into food. And by doing this, you will be less bloated after eating. Therefore, you are bound to feel a lot healthier after eating.

Stretch before bed

Exercise is another activity that goes on the back burner when you have kids. Therefore, you should make sure you do make time for some stretches. They are so easy to fit into your day. One time you should definitely stretch is before bed. It will help you to release those tensions from your day before you hit the sack. Having a good stretch will help you to sleep better and you are more likely to wake up well-rested.

Brain dump/journal

When our mind is buzzing after a long day, it’s hard to get a good night’s kip. And we might struggle to unwind if we have things on our minds. Therefore, for the sake of our health and happiness, we should make sure to spend 5 minutes a day writing in a journal. Having a good brain dump will help you to release those uptight feelings and will release some pressure. Getting it all out on paper will make you feel better and you will sleep well later in bed.

Read something uplifting

If you want to give yourself a daily boost, you should take the time to read something uplifting. It could give you the inspiration and enthusiasm you need to do something great. Whether it’s a positive story or quote, do take the time to read something that is inspiring and uplifting. You will definitely feel happier and stresses will ease away.

Dance around to fun music

We all need to unwind after a long day. One way you can do this is to dance around to fun music. It’s so therapeutic and will put you in a great mood. Within 5 minutes you will have a great, big smile on your face. And if you are feeling stressed out, it will soon turn your mood around and leave you ready to face the rest of your day.


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