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8 Things To Include In Your Funeral Plan

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

We all don’t like talking about death. It’s one of those subjects we avoid at all costs but unfortunately, it’s inevitable. Despite the fact we can’t avoid death, a lot of us don’t plan for it. We don’t have that important conversation with our families about our wishes for the funeral. But it’s something we do need to think about. So many families end up getting into debt because of funerals. And then your family are not only going through the grief of losing you, but they are also having to struggle with money. Also, with no talk of funerals before your passing, a lot of partners and children don’t know what to organise for the event.

Therefore, you might want to organise your own funeral plan. Even though it will hopefully not be for many years, having a funeral plan in place will mean it's all sorted. We don’t want to put our small humans through unnecessary pain and stress. While there are some obvious things you will need to include such as where you want to be buried and the type of service, there are some other things to add that might not have crossed your mind.

Here are 8 of the things you should include in your funeral plan.

Your favoured transport

From horse-drawn hearses to vintage lorries, there are so many types of transport that can take you on that final journey.

The songs you want during the service

We all have those tunes that are our all-time favourites. Whether it was your wedding song or the song of your childhood, make a note of it in your funeral plan. That way, your kids won’t be hunting down a special track for your funeral.

The flowers you would like on your casket

If there is a particular flower you love, it’s worth putting this in your funeral plan. That way, the flowers will all be perfect for you on the day.

Details about the wake

You might want your family to have a party after you have gone. Or you might prefer them to have a small affair at the house. Make your preferences known so they know what they should do on the day of the funeral.

Whether you want your children to attend

It’s always a tricky one deciding whether you want your kids to be there at the funeral. For some people, they prefer if their small humans just go to the wake. Therefore, make your feelings clear in the funeral plan.

Any preference on the order of service

You might want to choose a specific photo that will go on the order of service. Or you might favour a particular design for the order of service.

Choose donations for guests

Rather than flowers, you might have a particular charity which you would love to receive donations from your guests. That way, it’s your last way of being charitable to a special cause.

Any specific guests you want there

It’s worth including old friends that your other half or kids might forget to invite to your funeral. After all, if they have been part of your life, you might want them to be there during the service.


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