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5 Top Productivity Books Every SuperMum Needs

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

I for one wish I could be more productive in my life. It’s so easy for the hours to pass without doing something significant. However, it’s so important that we organise our time wisely and do make sure we make every minute count. When we are productive, we are a lot calmer for a start. If you need some guidance on being productive, there are some great books out there that will help you. In fact, here are 5 essential productivity books.

The One Thing by Jay Papasan & Gary Keller

The ONE Thing Review

This book has made my list as it focuses on what we need to ensure we don’t block our success and how we can work to ensure productivity is part of our lives. The main concept of the book is that you should focus on one goal at one time in each area of your life to ensure you’re productive. When you concentrate on just achieving this set thing, you will be able to focus on accomplishing this sooner. It’s a great book for mums as it helps you to stay on track despite the clutter and stress.

Eat That Frog

Eat That Frog Review

This fabulous book by Brian Tracy helps you to stop procrastinating on those things you really need to do to ensure you’re productive. After all, we all spend time ignoring certain goals as they are too challenging or difficult. However, this book will help you to get it done to ensure you have a positive impact on your life. Looking at qualities like discipline and time management, the book will help you to ensure you can put everything in priority order.

No Excuses

No excuses by Brian Tracy

Another top choice from speaker Brian Tracey is this novel which helps you to work on your self-discipline which will ensure you are more productive in your life. After all, we all have days when we don’t discipline ourselves to do something. We end up feeling not up to it or distract ourselves so we don’t take on the task. But to achieve success, it’s so important you are productive. Therefore, follow these tips so that you always take on the task and don’t end up making excuses. For more on this book check out this great YouTube video.

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less book review

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

This novel by Greg McKeown is about ensuring you are doing the right things in your life and prioritising these to get them done. After all, we often put a lot of focus on things in our lives that actually should not get our attention. Therefore, when we are more choosy, it lets us take control. The perfect book for us mums, it ensures we spend our free time away from our small humans doing the right thing. For more on this book check out this full review from Dan Silvestre.

The Productivity Project book review

The Productivity Project

What I love about this book are the clear 30 practices you can do to accomplish more in your life. After all, it’s so tricky to find a method for being more productive in your life. But Chris Bailey has done all the hard work and has found the ultimate way to ensure you are productive. The book is interesting as it takes you through Chris’s experiments of techniques (including cutting out caffeine and living in isolation for 10 days) and he reveals what affected his productivity the most. For more on this book try this great blog and video combo by Tom Frankly.

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