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5 Hygge Favourites To Help You Relax

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

When we are busy running around, the idea of relaxing is a distant dream. But it’s so important to make sure you do get that all-important rest so you are top form for yourself and what really matters to you. We do need to take the time to look after number one and practice self-care. I recently came across Hygge which is a Danish concept that is all about comfort, warmth and enjoying the simple things around us. It leads to contentment in your life which is a wonderful thing when you are feeling really busy. If you are wondering how you can fit this cosy mental state into your life, here are five hygge favourites to help you relax.

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Practice Hygee practices with a relaxing bath

It’s so important to spend some time appreciating those simple moments. And that is what hygge is all about as you create that cosy feeling when you need some time to relax. One great way to practice hygge is with a warm bath. As you relax in the hot bath, fill yourself with those warm and cosy feelings. All stresses from your day will float away as you relax in the bath. You can make it extra cosy by lighting some candles in the bathroom and playing some calm music.

Relax with a cup of tea

To help you produce those cosy feelings, it’s always a good idea to relax with a delicious, hot drink. Whether your go-to drink is coffee, tea or hot chocolate, a warm drink will help you to de-stress. Just focus on savouring every sip of the drink and it will help to clear your mind. You will find that after drinking the hot drink, you will soon have a clearer and fresh take on life.

Sit in a cosy area in your home with candlelight

When we are at home, we are always doing some task or other and we rarely take the time to just relax. Therefore, to practice hygge, you should create a cosy, happy place in the home where you can de-stress when you dealing with life. Place some cosy pillows on a soft, comforting chair in the corner of the room. Light some candles and then just relax for a few minutes.

Turn off all technology

We are always checking on our phones and tablets throughout the day. But if you want to practice hygge, it’s time to stop checking your phone and focus on yourself for an hour a day. Choose a specific time of the day when you turn off all technology. Spending quality time with your loved ones without social media distractions will help to create positive and warm feelings.

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Surround yourself with hygge scents

We all have those particular scents that bring us comfort in our lives which leads to contentment. Therefore, it’s worth relaxing with scented candles which give us those positive and comforting feelings. Whether that is lavender, rosemary or vanilla, light the candle and bask in its glorious smells. Those favourite smells will take your worries away and help you to relax after a busy day.

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