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5 Crazy Ways People Stay Motivated To Exercise

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

It’s so important to ensure you get enough exercise in your life. After all, exercise helps us to stay fit and healthy. That way, we can complete goals and are able to stay active with our little ones. But finding the motivation to step on that treadmill or run outside the home is easier said than done. While you can set goals and try something new to keep it interesting, it can be a challenge to stick at it. However, there are some ways different from the norm that you can try which are bound to ensure you don’t give up. In fact, here are five crazy ways people stay motivated to exercise.

fitness motivation

Wear gym kit to bed

It can be a lot of effort to swap our clothes to our gym equipment, especially when we plan to exercise first thing in the morning. It’s so easy to think you will leave it until another day as you don’t want to get those joggers and sports bra out of the draw. Therefore, you should try wearing your gym kit to bed. That way, as soon as you get up in the morning, you will be all set to exercise first thing before your day begins. You can’t make any excuses if you already have it on and it will encourage you to workout.

Put an inspiring photo on the treadmill

It’s easy to step off the treadmill when you have only been on for a few minutes. After all, you may feel tired or don’t want to continue. Therefore, to spur you on, you should put an inspiring photo on the treadmill which will encourage you to stay motivated. You might want to go for a sexy man whom you can look at while you exercise. Or a photo of an athlete with an inspiring body shape can also help you to stay motivated.

fitness motivation

Plan an amazing reward

One way you can ensure you carry on exercising is to plan a good reward for yourself if you do complete your target. For instance, you might want to buy that bestselling novel of Amazon when you finish that workout. Or you could book a spa treatment if you can manage 30 minutes of exercise. With an amazing reward up for grabs, you are bound to stick at it!

Start a competition with your girls or partner

A friendly competition is a great way to ensure you stay motivated. Plan with your friends or your other half an idea such as who can do the most exercise to get you in the mood. You will want to beat your opponent so it will spur you on to make sure you do complete exercise. A prize for the winner would be a bonus too.

Listen to a full soundtrack

When you listen to one or two songs, you can get bored easily. Therefore, to stay motivated, listen to a full movie soundtrack. Make sure you make a promise to yourself you will continue to the end. And it will feel like you are watching a movie so the exercise won’t be as boring.

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