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20 Resolutions ideas To Make Your 2019 The Best Yet

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

It’s hard to believe the end of 2018 is upon us. While we have made some achievements during the past year, it’s always good to look at making some better resolutions for the next year. Here are a few ideas which you can aim to achieve in 2019.

New Year Resolution Ideas
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1. Drink more water

Put down that kettle or fizzy drink and pour a glass of refreshing water instead.

2. Walk 30 minutes a day

Unwind after a busy day and exercise is so important to help you stay healthy.

3. Join a new club

Whether it’s to learn a certain cuisine or even a new language, it’s time to book into a new class for 2019.

4. Start a new hobby

It’s always good to fill our spare time with a fresh hobby that builds our skill set.

5. Read or listen to a new book once a month

There are so many great books out there waiting to be read to widen our literary knowledge.

6. Wake up 30 minutes earlier

You will be surprised how much you can do with your morning just by getting up 30 minutes earlier.

7. Save chocolate for weekend

I think we all love to enjoy a bar of chocolate after a long day with our small humans. But save it for the weekend to enjoy the treat in a healthier quantity.

8. Prep your lunches

No need to rush around trying to make lunch with small humans in tow if you prep it in advance the night before.

9. Cut out fizzy drinks

Time to do your health a favour by saying goodbye to that fizzy drink during 2019.

10. Start writing great to-do lists

Make plans of what you want to do in the new year and actually complete them for a change.

11. Reduce your TV watching

TV takes up too much time in our life. For 2019, aim to do more worthwhile and rewarding hobbies instead.

12. Watch self-development videos on YouTube

Find ways to self-develop during 2019 by watching videos on YouTube by inspirational women. Try our YouTube channel for starters -

13. Have a real clear out

Start the year off well by having a real clear out of your stuff so you start fresh in 2019. We have a video to help with this -

14. Do something new once a month

Don’t let life get boring by doing something new once a month so everything is brand-new and exciting.

15. Start a gratitude journal

Remember what you have to be thankful for by writing a gratitude journal during 2019.

16. Recycle more

We are all guilty of not recycling enough in our day to day life. Therefore, go green for 2019.

17. Stop engaging with negative people

It’s time to say goodbye to people who are bringing us down in our life in 2019.

18. Smile at 5 people a day

You will be surprised how good you will feel by smiling at others during your day.

19. Volunteer at a charity

Give something back to the people who need it next year.

20. Have a monthly date night with your other half

Leave your small humans at home and spend some quality time with your loved one.

Whatever you choose I hope you have an amazing 2019, achieving the life of your dreams.

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